What It Takes to Get Hired as an In-House Translator at a Large Company

As previously reported, “Machine translation (MT) and adjoining language applied sciences are driving industry-wide demand for pure language processing (NLP) engineers and machine learning researchers.”

Nevertheless, as the identical article identified, different conventional roles at varied corporations additionally must be stuffed. So what expertise is perceived to be very powerful for these language-related positions?

As identified in a 2021 paper by the European Union’s Upskills mission, core self-discipline information, intercultural consciousness, interpersonal and entrepreneurial expertise, technical expertise, information expertise, and analysis expertise are among the most vital talent clusters for language specialists.

To determine among the expert translators who want to stay aggressive, we collected and analyzed job adverts for in-house translator roles printed on firm websites, general-purpose job platforms, and internet pages devoted to language professionals. The evaluation targeted “buy-side” corporations and excluded adverts posted by language service suppliers.

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