Look WhatsApp is down: Users cannot send or receive messages on Tuesday

You’re not the only one having trouble sending messages

WhatsApp crashes are a big deal all over the globe, as it is the most-used messaging app with 2 billion users worldwide.

This Tuesday was the same as usual, with WhatsApp outages across the globe reported to have started this October 25.

According to DownDetector, a few users reported problems with WhatsApp messaging, particularly around 02:00 CDT.

When will WhatsApp work again?

WhatsApp is only sometimes available at all times. However, it’s usually back up within a few hours.

They are the largest messaging service in the world and have the staff to resolve any problem. That’s at least what it seems to be.

Check if WhatsApp is working again.

You can check WhatsApp’s status by going to the app.

It might not work if it displays a message saying “retrying.”

To view the most recent statistics on outage reports, you can also visit DownDetector.

WhatsApp’s reaction to the downfall

WhatsApp doesn’t work, so the memes are posted on Twitter.

In the past, an outage on WhatsApp has often coincided with problems on other social media platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. But this time, they are working.

Twitter is rarely affected this way, producing many widely shared memes. The term WhatsApp is also trending on Twitter.

Twitter is working well, so it’s worth checking out the WhatsApp Twitter account in case their social media team posts an update.

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