Where Was Hellraiser Movie (2022) Filmed?

Written and produced by David Bruckner, Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser” is directed by David Bruckner; it is a supernatural horror film that serves as an update to the franchise and the eleventh film within the series.

The film follows Riley, an 18-year-old woman suffering from addiction who lives alongside her twin brother Matt. Her boyfriend Trevor encourages her to go into an abandoned warehouse and discover an unsettling architectural puzzle. In the next moment, she finds the box isn’t relatively as safe as it seems and summons Cenobites, which are supernatural beings from another world.

As the evil creatures pursue Riley and her family members, She must fight against time to avoid the dreadful conclusion. The film draws viewers’ attention through its gripping story with Odessa A’zion, Brandon Flynn, Jamie Clayton, and Adam Faison. Additionally, the dark backdrop of a decrepit warehouse and the Cenobite’s dimension increase the excitement and make you think about where they are. So, if you’d like to know where the film Hellraiser was filming, we’ve covered it!

Hellraiser Filming Locations

“Hellraiser” was made in Serbia, specifically Belgrade. The film’s principal photography was likely to begin in July 2021, and it was finished by October that year. Serbia is rapidly becoming a sought-after shooting location due to its varied scenery, modern film studios, and substantial tax credits for production. It is, therefore, only regular that it’s the first option for filmmakers to shoot their projects, including that of David Bruckner’s directorial. Let’s take a look at the various locations featured in the film.

Belgrade, Serbia

The entirety of the film’s key scenes was shot in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia and its the country’s largest city. The crew and cast moved around the city to record settings with different backdrops. In an interview in September 2022 in Entertainment Weekly, director David Bruckner explained why he chose to film the movie within Serbia. Serbian capital.

“Belgrade has some exciting architecture that feels very ‘Hellraiser’ actually, that we were able to incorporate,” said the director. “I would like to see a glimpse throughout all the rooms and locations that are similar to the real world as we have it. It’s a grounded realism. However, you’ll occasionally see a lot of Romanesque archways that are found throughout different environments.”

Belgrade is situated at the confluence between the Sava and the Danube rivers. It is also one of the longest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It is also the home of ancient Vinca culture and is a critical government administrative centre. Belgrade has been host to numerous international sporting, political, and cultural events. The city has significantly contributed to health care, business film, and media.

Where Was Hellraiser Movie (2022) Filmed?

A few of the city’s most well-known destinations of attraction are the National Theatre, National Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikola Tesla Museum, Skadarlija, and Kalemegdan Fortress. Additionally, Belgrade is known for its vibrant nightlife scene, which draws thousands of tourists annually.

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