Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed?: What if you could travel back in history? What would you do first? These questions are often a source of deep thought and fascination for us. While time travel is not yet possible, these questions often pop up in our minds, fascinate us, and leave us with deep thinking. This article will discuss where Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed.

Hot Tub Time Machine was a comedy movie for men that was released in March 2010. Steve Pink directed the film and Craig Robinson, Rob Corddry, and John Cusack played the leading roles. This movie is an excellent choice if you’re bored at home and don’t have the time to watch it yet.

The filming locations for the movie are primarily Vancouver Film Studios in Vancouver, Canada and Fernie Alpine Resort in Fernie.

A Sci-Fi Comedy!

Hot Tub Time Machine tells the story of three friends in their mid-thirties dealing with different life issues. One of their friends becomes poisoned, and they all find themselves together. They go on a trip with Adam’s nephew to Kodiak Valley to ski. There they get drunk and take in an illegal substance that leads them back to the 1980s.

The film follows three friends on a hilarious journey through their past and future. They try to recreate their past experiences to reduce the butterfly effect. They must find a way home after enduring these complex challenges.

Is Hot Tub Time Machine filmed in these locations? Get all the areas!

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

Hot Tub Time Machine was an immediate success and didn’t disappoint in its comedy aspect. The science fiction movie was not successful without the help of its locations. However, they did pique our curiosity and that of the readers. Let’s discuss the filming locations for Hot Tub Time Machine and go into detail.

Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? A Funny Time Travel Adventure!

Vancouver is Canada’s most diverse city. Because of its location in Canada’s mountains, it is an ideal place to film. There are also thriving music and art scenes. This place is perfect for outdoor lovers. Vancouver offers many exciting activities that you can try next time you visit. You can also ride to see killer whales or hike over the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Vancouver’s film industry has been thriving for the past decade. This inspires many visitors to visit the city to see its stunning locations. Vancouver Film studios are part of the Mclean Group. It is just 15 minutes from Downtown and features 12 sound stages, production offices and support areas that can accommodate any production.

Vancouver Film Studios have produced many blockbusters in the past. Some of the most famous shows and movies shot here include Fifty Shades Of Grey and Step up.

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia, Canada

Fernie Alpine Resort receives the most snowfall in Canada and is the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort. This area is well-known for its beautiful views and Skiing. It was the ideal location for filming this movie. The movie featured hundreds of extras from the local community. Filming took place after the Ski season had ended.

Primary filming took place in the plaza, which was transformed in the 80s. This is where the team shot the scene with the ice sculpture chainsaw. The crew took down the artificially-created sets of the clock tower and Silver Peaks Lodge, which can be seen in the movie after filming was completed. The Brickhouse, a local restaurant, was used to film party and restaurant scenes.

Due to the end of the season, some exterior scenes were shot at Mount Seymour. The Hot Tub Time Machine also features the Best Western Fernie motor Lodge, Three Sisters Travelodge and Timberline Lodge as minor filming locations. The filmmaker also used Fernie Alpine Resort to film Cold Pursuit, the 2019 Liam Neeson movie.

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