Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love: It’s almost the holiday season, meaning there is nothing better than spending time with family and sharing happy and festive stories about love. After you’ve made a list of movies, add Maps to that list and Mistletoe. This heartwarming movie can make you smile, laugh, and have fun. It is also a delight to watch because of its amazing locations. We will talk about them and tell you where Maps was filmed.

Maps and Mistletoe were released on December 9, 2021. Max McGuire directed the movie, and Ronnie Rowe stars in the lead roles. Both viewers and fans have received it well. The movie also received high praise from critics. It is one of last year’s most popular holiday movies, and it can easily be a part of your Christmas movie night.

The movie was shot entirely in Ontario. These locations were Almonte and Lanark County.

Expect The Unexpected!

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love

Emilia Martin (Humberly Gonzales) is a cartographer that creates maps for school. Her boss offers her an emergency project, a fictional treasure map of the North Pole. She plans to spend Christmas at her home. Drew, a well-known TV explorer and famous coffee shop explorer, helps her to understand the map.

Emilia’s boss hires Drew to help her with the map. In return, Drew will show him around the town on Christmas Eve. Emilia doesn’t want to work alongside Drew and makes excuses not to go out with him. Drew and Emilia initially hate each other, but they eventually start to like each other and fall in love.

Did Maps and Mistletoe film in Canada? Amazing Canadian Locations

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love

Vision chose the movie’s locations to give viewers an idea of Christmas Eve in a small town. We are happy to share the locations where Maps was shot, and Mistletoe was photographed. You will find the exact locations where Mistletoe was filmed. I’ll share the details with you, so you don’t miss anything!

Ontario, Canada

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love

Ontario is Canada’s central province and is home to the most people. It is also the perfect place for exploring and experiencing some of the top attractions in Canada. This friendly city offers a mix of urban and natural beauty and year-round activities and is well-known for its Victorian architecture.

Ontario has a variety of culinary options that include everything. If you’re on a tight budget, there are many fine restaurants and food trucks. Ontario has many lakes, provisional parks, and safe neighbourhoods, making it an ideal location for film productions and TV. The movie was shot in Almonte, while a few scenes were filmed in Lanark County. Director used these locations in many Hallmark movies.

Almonte, Ontario, Canada

Almonte, a small Ottawa town, is a scenic village. The town is referred to as Crescent Cove, a fictional American town. Drew is visiting the town to embark on his globetrotting adventure. Emilia lives here and works there. The movie shows Mill Street from different angles. Residents will recognize Cafe Postino and Naismith Square.

Cafe Postino served as a town hall, and Sam’s Cafe was used in the movie. In the movie’s opening scenes, we can also see the bronze statue of Dr James Naismith, the inventor of basketball. Almonte is a charming place that has old buildings and diners. It’s the ideal location to film movies set in Alaska and Vermont. Almonte, known as the “mini Hollywood of the North”, is famous for filming Christmas movies.

Lanark County, Ontario, Canada

Where was Maps and Mistletoe filmed? Enjoy Christmas with Love

Lanark County is well-known for its heritage buildings and open green parks and can be a great place to escape for a day in Ontario. Many scenes from Maps and Mistletoe were also shot in Carleton Place in Lanark County. This is a small community in Eastern Ontario. The exterior shots of the Grand Hotel are visible. Here, the main characters enjoy a meal. Despite being a 19th-century building, the palace is beautiful and has Victorian decor that gives it a modern feel.

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