Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!

Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!: Tell me that you grew up playing spy games. Tell me how your hide-and-seek game had a black commando twist. What else could people who want to be spies do? We can also watch Spy Kids 2 (2002). You can even go to the film’s location and recreate the famous scenes. Does this sound appealing to you? You might be interested in where Spy Kids 2 was filmed.

I remember that spying was my greatest dream at one point. I wanted to be part of espionage that was top-notch for my country. Imagine it. You can imagine gun fights, car chases and dramatic dialogues. All this stuff is cool, but it’s not. It’s all there in shows like Family and Kleo, which tell the story of a Russian spy. These shows are my escape. I can imagine myself as the protagonist.

But enough about my unfulfilled (and unrealistic) wishes. Spy Kids 2 was almost entirely shot in Austin, Texas. This is the U.S.A. The production crew also chose to film parts of the movie at the director’s home in San Antonio. A few scenes that involved the island were also shot in Costa Rica.

Your dissatisfaction can almost be felt! It is radiating from the screen! You want to learn more about these places, as you would like to visit them someday. Don’t worry! Keep scrolling, and you’ll find the answer to where Spy Kids II  was filmed!

What Is Spy Kids 2 About?

Spy Kids 2 follows Carmen and Juni Cortez’s journey as they start their family spy business. We see their adventures as Level 2 O.S.S. agents in the movie.

Their current mission is to save the world from the evils of a mad scientist. He lives on an island of volcanic origin, surrounded by an army of imagined creatures. Carmen and Juni then travel to the island to confront the scientist.

The pair discovers that the island is not suitable for their spying work. Cortez’s gadgets, for example, don’t work or are not compatible with the island. This makes it difficult for the pair.

They aren’t going to give in. They will not give up, no matter what. As Carmen and Juni Cortez make the most of their wits and rely on one another, they save humanity from the terrible fate that awaits them.

Here are some additional details about the film before we move on:

Release DateAugust 7, 2002
Running Time1h 40m
Directed byRobert Rodriguez
Produced byElizabeth Avellan, Robert Rodriguez
StarringAlexa PenaVega, Daryl Sabara, Antonio Banderas, Carla Gugino, Steve Buscemi, Mike Judge, Danny Trejo
IMDb Rating5.2/10

Let’s now see the Spy Kids 2 footage!

Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Carmen and Juni Cortez seem to be so cool! Wouldn’t it be great if you could also be part of their gang? Yes? Yes! We both know it won’t happen, no matter how hard you try. You can still go to the same places the pair did and recreate their adventures. Knowing where Spy Kids 2 was filmed will be a great help. Keep reading!

You might also be interested in locations for action films. Make sure to visit The PrincessFugitive. These shooting locations will be fascinating to you!

Six Flags Over Texas Arlington

Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!

The filmmakers originally planned to film the Disneyland scenes. However, they were denied permission to film in Disneyland. They decided to go instead with Six Flags Over Texas, located in Arlington. This place can be found on Highway 360, between Dallas and Fort Worth.

Six Flags Over Texas, the Troublemaker Theme Park, is what you see in the movie. It was named after Rodriguez’s studio. This is where Juni saved the President’s daughter, Juni, from the clutches of the juggler.

State Capitol Building in Texas

Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!

The State Capitol Building was used to film the scene where the children meet the President. It can be found on Congress Avenue between 11th Street and 14th Streets in Austin, Texas. The structure of the State Capitol Building is modelled after that of Washington, DC’s U.S. State Capitol. Only the difference is that it is slightly larger because it is located in Texas.

Spy Kids 2 was not the only film shot in the State Capitol Building. Movies like D.O.A. and The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas were also shot here earlier. These movies, along with others like D.O.A. and The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas, were also shot here.

San Antonio Public Library, San Antonio

Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!

If you have seen the movie, you will notice the magnificent and bright O.S.S. Junior Building. It might seem like the O.S.S. Junior Building was a set that the crew created. It isn’t!!

Scenes involving O.S.S. Junior Building were shot at the San Antonio Public Library, 600 Soledad Street, downtown San Antonio. Ricardo Legorreta, a Mexican architect, created the beautiful library. It opened to the public in 1995. This is the ideal place to visit if you are a bibliophile.

Lake Travis. Austin

Where Was Spy Kids 2 Filmed? Filming Locations Of The Spy Action Comedy!

Did you get fooled by ‘ocean” while watching the movie? You’ll be shocked to learn that the ‘ocean” scene was shot in Lake Travis, Austin. To make the lake appear like an ocean, the shoreline was removed.

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