Why Archana Gautam had to leave Bigg Boss 16?

Due to a mistake of Archana Gautam, according to Shiva, Bigg Boss asked Archana Gautam to tease the Bigg Boss house immediately.

In the episode of 10 November 2022, as usual, in Bigg Boss 16, where Archana Gautam and Shiva were heard in the same time everyone in the house was seen. All the people of the house were seen standing against Archana Gautam, Same beauty and Priyanka along with Gautam and Ankit were also seen standing with Archana Gautam Sadly, Archana’s ravya is the same stubborn as you all have seen, say clearly that Archana does not accept her mistake.

It happened only when Bigg Boss learned Shiva’s decision and Archana Gautam was called B, there we all saw that Archana did not accept her mistake, in the end Bigg Boss told the final that Archana Gautam should pack her things immediately and come out of the house.

Archana Gautam has been evicted from Bigg Boss 16, what happens is not known yet .

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