All India Students’Federation holds protest, demands rendering ST status to tribes of border area

JAMMU, Oct 1: All India Students’Federation (AISF) Jammu & Kashmir under the leadership of its State President Sanjay Kotwal today held a peaceful procession here in Jammu district and demanded to render ST status to tribes of border area.

The demonstration was also joined by the Pahari leader Sheikh Ajaz, Pahari student leader Ahjaz Mir, Babar Hussain Rather (District Incharge Jammu, AISF) and various other prominent activists and students from different universities and colleges joined this procession.

All the demonstrators in one voice reiterated their demand for rendering ST status and appealed to the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India to render justice to the most downtrodden tribe of the border area of JKUT.

AISF has wholeheartedly endorsed the ST status to the Pahari tribe in the past as well. The Left parties of Jammu and Kashmir have also endorsed this long pending demand of the Pahari Tribe. Several noted young Pahari activists and other student leaders of the Pahari tribe took part in this peaceful procession.

All those who spoke said that despite many recommendations and assurances since 1989 made but no decision has been taken so far for granting “Schedule Tribe” status to the deserving Pahari tribe. 

They expressed strong hope that the present government will understand the plight of Pahari tribals and will bring as well as pass the bill regarding grant of ST status to Pahari speaking people in the next parliament session.

The speakers hailed the concern shown by the Government of India in recent times which clearly indicates that the Pahari tribe is set to get their basic right of Schedule Tribe status.

Other students like Ajaz Ahmed, Atieq Khan, Babar Hussian Rather, Irfan Shah, Tahir Khan, Mir Salman among others were also present in the demonstration

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