Valheim Update Adds Crossplay

If you’ve somehow missed the game, Xbox Game Pass for PC — PC Game Pass –will include the wildly popular Viking survival game Valheimto the subscription service from tomorrow, the 29th of September. It is expected that the Early Access video game will be available at the Microsoft Store at that point. In the meantime, Iron Gate Studio, the developer behind the game Iron Gate Studio, has released a brand new upgrade for Valheimthat is the first official update to add crossplay support.

“Our colleagues at Piktiv have put in a lot of effort to ensure that the game feels and looks the same no matter what platform you’re using. However, this patch will bring one minor tweak to the GUI of the menu that opens when you start the game to make the world of other players as smooth as they can be,” the preamble to the notes on the patch to an official patch is the first section.

“If the game you’re on is a Steam player alongside other Steam players, the game will function the same way as before (with the added benefit of being positioned to mark the server as a favourite). A joining code is available to play the game if you or a group of players are playing on another platform.”

Check out the complete Patch notes from ValheimPatch 0.211.7, straight from the source in the following:

  • Support for Crossplay is added.
  • The GUI for managing saves has been made available to make it simpler for players to restore or remove backups and saves
  • Minor network optimization for game hosting (Less hosting host demands when there are other players in the game simultaneously)
  • The ‘Join Game Tab ‘Join Game’ changed in the “Join Game” tab. Players can now add their favourite servers and check whether a server is currently running and whether they allow Crossplay or not. **
  • Players can now use the crossplay option when using dedicated servers that allow Crossplay. With this option, the backend will run Playfab in place of Steamworks. (A “Join code” will be displayed after you sign up to a dedicated server that allows Crossplay. Users can utilize it to sign up for the server. The Join code is generated when the server is restarted.)
  • The branch “default_old” has been added “default_old” was added. You can play with the old Steam version if your server isn’t up-to-date in a while (Steam might require restarts before the branch shows up)

The question mark signifies the status of the server is unclear. A red X signifies it is “down. If there’s a “shuffle” icon beside the server’s status, the server supports Crossplay.

As mentioned above, ValheimPatch 0.211.7 is currently available. Additionally, Valheim is available for purchase in Early Access on PC through Steam, priced at $19.99 and will launch to gamers on the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and the Xbox One in 2023. It is possible to check out the entirety of our prior coverage of the cult Viking PC video game right here.

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